Race Categories

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Long Course

U20 – (Ages 19-20. Birth year 2003-2002) Full distance race course.

U23 – (Ages 21-22-23. Birth year 2001-2000-1999) Full distance race course.

Senior – (Ages 24-44. Birth year 1998-1978) Full distance race course.

Masters – (Ages 45+. Birth year 1977 or prior) Full distance race course.

Short Course

U14 – (Ages 14 and under. Birth year 2008 and under.) Shortened race course.

U16 – (Ages 15-16. Birth year 2007-2006) Shortened race course.

U18 – (Ages 17-18. Birth year 2005-2004) Shortened race course.

Citizen Course

Citizen races will be timed but places will not be awarded. The goal of this category is not to race but to get outside and enjoy the uphill and an intro to the race scene