SUPER EXCITED to provide CASH PRIZES to podiums for Overall and Masters. 

Currently the total Purse is $3,000 and growing as more sponsorships roll in. 

2023-24 CO Cup Series points

CO CUP Point Series

We are keeping track of a Colorado Cup Series where POINTS will be awarded for each individual race and CO racers will be able to see where they line up to become the Colorado Skimo Champion.

5 Races - Drop 1 race(Cooper this year) = 4 races for points! Check out last years point breakdown below. 

The Races in This Year's CO CUP SERIES

December 2nd, 2023

January 21st, 2024

February 4th, 2024

March 24th, 2024

April 12th, 2024

Everyone who signs up and races for any of the above races will be automatically included in the Colorado SkiMo Cup  points series and will be eligible for the end of season prizes, and recognition as the Colorado Skimo Cup Champion! The points series will be managed by Rocky Mountain Skimo.

USA Skimo Points System Categories

•  U14 – Short Course

•  U16 – Short Course

•  U18 – Short Course

•  U20 – Long Course

•  U23 – Long Course

•  Senior – Long Course

•  Masters – Long Course

•  Super Masters – Long Course

Other Points Series Categories

•  Heavy Metal – Long Course

•  Splitboard – Long Course

Need to participate in 2 or more CO CUP races in order to be eligible for the final prize purse.